Hello, ************************************************************************************************************Sites are under reconstruction ******************************************************************************************* There were several wed sites lost to those who did wish others - such as my self - getting free hosting adn art work - which tripod dor com provided and was able at the sametime to compete successfully in the page rank placement and the number of hits.******************************************************************************************************************************************************** None the less a cautionary hosting plan was alread in effect since November 2006, and soon replacement sites with paid hosting a graphics are being done at personal costs.****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I wish, and will always suggest at the same time, that tripod - the Lycos web site program - is one of the best in which anyone of us can recommend for your sue as a start. I wish to thank them - though they may want to check the other person - the person being accussed - story first. In this case they would have said no, and then contact the F.B.I. and for good legal reasons. The same people who were accusing are suspected at the sametime hacking. IE. There are - were +locals here in Ithaca, Those who are in the Gambling and Pornos - in Russia mainly -, as well as those with International SPAMING sites - all wanted in with my developed keyword usages and meta tagging for page rank and legtimate users. out.************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* It is important to note these sites are be going to be better and more freely able to load on to your computer quicker at the sametime. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Sincerly***************************************************************************************************************************************************** Mr. Roger M. Christian ithacafalcon@aol.com